30 January 2012

my new bbm barcode

i have love-hate relationship with blackberry. this is my 4th blackberry in 18months. i must say that blackberry is not that useful device anymore. by the way here's my new bb pin code.

im no longer interested in becoming blackberrians but i have to wait until i finish my 24-month contract with celcom.

08 February 2009

February Trippin'

Post will come later..

The post:
If you think working 500km away from home will spare you from attending a wedding in Dungun think again! Dungun is the new KL! At least in my case here.

Attending weddings are always the no. 1 practice in my family. Eventhough I couldn't be bothered sometimes but lately I just feel the needs to associate myself more in family related activities(yes that includes attending wedding invitations). I glad I did. I flew back on Thursday after werk. Was picked up by my parents to home, from home I went out with a very good friend for late supper. The following day(Friday), off, I went to Dungun-Kuantan to attend the wedding and visited my Sister&Co.

All these while I am always proud being a Kelantanese as I felt that we have strong oneness feelings towards every Kelantanese we come across. I ain't gona elabor8 about my proudness being Kelantanese but how sad I felt when I was there last weekend. Compared to other towns along the coastal road that I took to Kuantan, I found smaller cities are more developed and cleaner. I fell in love with Kerteh. With the location and other potentials of the city I'm not surprise if Kerteh become bigger than Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu combined together.

Then it struck my mind that there is nothing special being a Kelantanese if we don't change our attitude, not willing to change and being proud for nothing. Previously I had a seriously thought of migrating back to KB but after my last visit, I put my thought on hold until I can do something about it. The typically asked question is always "Why Kelantanese doesn't like to mingle with other?", my answer is always, "Because of the language". Now I know that will be a lame answer for the typical question and I think the reason why Kelantanese doesn't really mingle with others is because of the overly-obsessed with their Kelantanility(doesn't apply to all). I would like to quote a verse from the al-Quran which reminds us that human are all same regardless their skin color, position, wealth, etc.(will provide the verse tomorrow - 10/02/09).

I suppose this is the best time to change the perception people towards me and other dynamic Kelantanese who are not overly-proud being a Kelantanese. We are only Kelantanese, human being like others...

25 January 2009

Happy New Years!

Aha! This is my 4th blog to date. Blogging is always on my mind but writing it, uploading pics and other blogging related activities always not my cup of tea until now. My last 3 laptops and I were not a great couple and we never had a happy ending. They either broken very badly, got stolen or lost. That should explain why I stopped blogging for that part of time. Now, I'll blog from the office without jeopardizing my new found career. Eheh. Let's see how long can I keep this going on this time.

Since January has not over yet, allow me to take this opportunity to wish Happy New 2009. To all my friends who celeberate Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choy!! Hope you guys have a great one. To my muslim friends, Salam Maal Hijrah. May we grow not only older but also wiser.

Oh ya! Was in KB last week. Attached photos were taken in the market that I always go whenever I'm in KB. Please be advised, there is no obscene pic anywhere in this post. :)